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GNS #5

Gii/ cruudeuces - split c30
Review by Gii:
My side is exploring the life of a bipolar Japanese hermit, famed for questionable sexual motives and a right leg much longer than the left. Expect synthesizers, contact mics on tapes, contact mics on wood/metal, contact mics in my mouth, Diet Pepsi Max cans scraping on microphones, etc etc. Cruudeuces one-ups me big time--tons of contact mic'd experiments, oscillator resonance, and overall minimal-industrial weirdness--definitely on the meditative side of noise, though also not for the faint of heart (a line so hard to straddle, but Cruudeuces does it PERFECTLY!) Think a slightly higher fidelity/more low-frequencies Dilloway tape/musique concrete.

art by Alix Mundi SOLD OUT