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GNS-063 CHILDERMASS - "quick highs" C100

Worcester Art Gang represent. 100 min of solo wizardry from S-dawg Williams. Childermass sleazes on intricate textures and back alley circuits. All about his game with TVE, LEAN, CRUUDEUCES..... there is something hauntingly mad dawg scientist with this project. Edition of 50 tapes- scoop here 6.00 usa, international orders inquire- paypal and contact is

art by Milo and Nathaniel


GNS-062 LEAN- "High Tail" C30

YESS!! high rollerss looking you straight stare down proper. mr. wizards or docs, ?? mickey o'hara and seamus williams=  boom boom. live magic is magic.
hands down prob my fave duo of years, LEAN. pumped on the patience, hanged for the buzz, stayed for the smart. no fear

ed 60     6.00 usa  14 international
art by thomas

*4 tapes 20.00 usa    inquire multiple tapes international


GNS-061 FOSSILS- "Guerrilla Gardening" C60

OVER THE EDGE beauty cut texture from here and beyond. 60 min. of what's happening man? Best 1 yet sees David Payne and Dan Farr working graveyard shift = result hands down amazing.
let the good times talent roll.
get it r tune out.

ed. 60   6.00 usa   14 international    - art by thomas


*4tapes= 20.00 usa  inquire for international

GNS-060 ALTO JEFFRO - "Glass Fields" c32

yes indeed, you want  whirlwinds, psych-songs, catchy with an allergy to catchy, you got it. LIVE SHIT is beyond, best sets!!!. gaffney and carlin, gaffney and carlin= rest carlin's soul,
jeff has no fear and that's pure sound digs. the room wants to meet him.  this 32min tape sprays multiple songs by this whirling west mass genius eyes real and true blood beauties

ed. of 60   6.00 usa  14 international    
art by thomas 


*4 tapes 20.00 usa - inquire for combined tapes international 



russ and mike and mike and russ and barrett and alderson and alderson and barrett= both no strangers to gns and 2 of my favorite solo wizards. total complimentary split. killer textures on this tape sweets. another-land proper. wish i did larger edition. maybe in near future repress- both these pals live sets leave hair shakin= dudes own the street= so yeah.... it's ace on an ace.

ed. of 60    6.00 usa  14.00 elsewhere  cover design by thomas   *international packs contact for multiple tapes

*new 4 tapes for 20.00 usa


GNS-058 ANDREW KIRSCHNER - "Safer Alone" C30

A.K. sent this over and it's gold. Perfecto for me in many ways. 2 sides VERY diff from other. A-side is a come play with me in the basement, find yer way down the dark stairwell, subtle and fun. b-side seduces and melts. lovely weird, beautiful strange. you interpret it yerself, i see dead people.

edition of 60      art by Thomas G.

sold out

GNS-057 NODOLBY "Pulse Paralysis" C20

helllzz yess. some run for yer life here- diverse, wide  spectrum rants, intricate shizz, your ears are the map, hold it/them, super good!! b-side is brain burner beehive trance= turns other worldly solid. SOLID!

edition of 60       Art by Thomas G.

sold out


GNS-055 WINTER RITUAL "Trans-Dimensional Corpse" c18

WINTER RITUAL MAX! spirit throne label. so psyched to work with Max, 1st time we met was 2010? 11? when he and Haley did American Blue Jeans set= dope- this tape is dome gold. A-side walks this crazy tight rope miles high, don't lose yer balance. B-side = gimme some grumbs, a side a hums, and a slice of MYOB. straight solid. heavy. unsolved mysteries. really psyched on this.

edition of 60        art by Thomas G.

sold out


radio, paper, contact mic. Masayuki nails these sounds through the earth. a seasick journey turned beautiful molten lava = some of the best restrained , textural, keep your eye on yer lower digits tunes, listened to this outside the other day (no headphones) and the birds got weird. this is a must hear and coming into the perfect time of year to blast it. seriously. so psyched to hear this now and beyond.

edition of 60     art by Thomas G.
sold out

GNS-054 SAVIOUR SELF "this is an inside job" C30

double saints. logan and collin. i would have put out anything by these freeze spiritz and they drop this boom, heavy! "we learn much better from ourselves than from the others" bless these fkn jams  from my pals. atmospheric and at most freeee - both these cats are not to be missed, either together, or solo, fkn psyched to drop this killer slice. check it now. or in 80 yrs. it'll sound good no matter.
edition of 60     art by Thomas G.

sold gone