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GNS-058 ANDREW KIRSCHNER - "Safer Alone" C30

A.K. sent this over and it's gold. Perfecto for me in many ways. 2 sides VERY diff from other. A-side is a come play with me in the basement, find yer way down the dark stairwell, subtle and fun. b-side seduces and melts. lovely weird, beautiful strange. you interpret it yerself, i see dead people.

edition of 60      art by Thomas G.

sold out

GNS-057 NODOLBY "Pulse Paralysis" C20

helllzz yess. some run for yer life here- diverse, wide  spectrum rants, intricate shizz, your ears are the map, hold it/them, super good!! b-side is brain burner beehive trance= turns other worldly solid. SOLID!

edition of 60       Art by Thomas G.

sold out


GNS-055 WINTER RITUAL "Trans-Dimensional Corpse" c18

WINTER RITUAL MAX! spirit throne label. so psyched to work with Max, 1st time we met was 2010? 11? when he and Haley did American Blue Jeans set= dope- this tape is dome gold. A-side walks this crazy tight rope miles high, don't lose yer balance. B-side = gimme some grumbs, a side a hums, and a slice of MYOB. straight solid. heavy. unsolved mysteries. really psyched on this.

edition of 60        art by Thomas G.

sold out


radio, paper, contact mic. Masayuki nails these sounds through the earth. a seasick journey turned beautiful molten lava = some of the best restrained , textural, keep your eye on yer lower digits tunes, listened to this outside the other day (no headphones) and the birds got weird. this is a must hear and coming into the perfect time of year to blast it. seriously. so psyched to hear this now and beyond.

edition of 60     art by Thomas G.
sold out

GNS-054 SAVIOUR SELF "this is an inside job" C30

double saints. logan and collin. i would have put out anything by these freeze spiritz and they drop this boom, heavy! "we learn much better from ourselves than from the others" bless these fkn jams  from my pals. atmospheric and at most freeee - both these cats are not to be missed, either together, or solo, fkn psyched to drop this killer slice. check it now. or in 80 yrs. it'll sound good no matter.
edition of 60     art by Thomas G.

sold gone


GNS-053 SECTION 35 - "Her Blues X You" 2xcs20

recorded summer 2013=
tribute to embracing the space
between the indoor and the outdoor.

ed.25     art by nb

sold out

GNS-052 GX Juppiter-Larsen/ Dao De Noize c20

stellar split. drawing you in and in=  freaky and scorched- 2 10 min sides serves well on these   narratives- like 2 births/deaths?  juss dial in- suuper good
ed. 60    art by Thomas

sold out

GNS-051 FOSSILS - "World Canvas" c60

ba! there's a fine line btwn the soil and the stars-
measured in sound= dialing in naturally= this long
player flirts with the big pic, tickles with the sharpest switch- psyched for FOSSILS 3rd GNS release- if you haven't been keeping up, i recommend the recent beauty at cardinal records and mjc-
ed. 40     art by thomas

sold out

GNS-050 Robert Ridley-Shackleton c32

been diggin Rob's sounds looong time- this spin will
tip you proper- everything you wanted to begin with served with attitude - heavy trip - totally recommend checkin anything you can by him- = genuine.
lost fer werds- love the world of no strings, bs, blah,
robert lives these sounds- dig
ed. of 50     art by Thomas

sold out

GNS-049 THOMAS GERENDÀS "Altato" cdr

 over the top always gooood- thiz one fits the bender- i recommend you check pronto. if you only got decks and tables, thrift a disc playa, worth it just
for this. These 2 images are a taste of the 10 original paintings Thomas created for the limited art ed. - reg. ed. of 30 is good to go=killer art too-
psyched on these trks-  art ed/10  reg ed/30    art by Thomas

sold out at GNS HQ.
presser gettin fixed then: COPIES AVAILABLE SOON FROM THOMAS