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GNS-09 cruudeuces/ear buckle split c30

cruud side is live at home drawn out in soft charcoal-clarinet aaand tapes yes- b side is cloudette toulouse (never met face to face) but uuugh- hell YES - spinning textures in dark cycles - belgium shit rules! last 6 min. of her side put me into a trance- dig!! c30 edition of 35 art by alix mundi


GNS-08 Dylan Palme-"The End" 2xcs

a man and his melodica. contact mics, other gadgets he builds= beautiful- d palme is a rambler far away in east maine but his sounds resonate constantly in my walk- honored to drop this double cs- got a nostalgic vibe = like a faint whisper in desert land- scary or not? either way good!! 2xc30 ed. of 17


GNS-07 Rambutan-"Narrow Sky"

all-star city again baby!! eric hardiman brings on the heat- totally blown away by his work and live sets. "narrow sky" brings us a distinct narrative- will have your head tilted up straight out of the trench to the sky- SO GOOD-the feeling will last but this tape won't- get it! c30 ed. of 35 art by alix mundi SOLD OUT - (check flipped out records)

GNS-06 Derek Rogers- "active participant"

derek rogers- "active participant" two 15 min sides from TX master! so psyched to run this!! a stellar mix of sounds=focused and fucked! a lot up his sleeve- and so good! get it! c30 ed. of 35 SOLD OUT - check flipped out records